An overhead shot of the technical production area of a live event setup for a livestream online.

Event Livestreams

Typical Event Setup

  • Production:
    1-4 person crew – depending on the size of the event and the requested livestream features or capabilities.

    most livestreams only require a 1-person crew.

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Additional info

If you want your brand to be a thought leader in your industry, livestreams are an excellent way to help build brand awareness and loyalty and establish credibility. According to a survey conducted by, 80% of adults surveyed would rather watch a brand's live event stream than read a blog or social media posts. Not to mention, live streams are great repurposable content to be used repeatedly in the future.

When to use Livestreams:

Mastermind Events

Product Launches

Webinars / Q & A Videos

Expert Interviews

Weekly Instructional / Educational Videos

Deliver a Remarkable Event Experience

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